Stuntmen React To Bad & Great Hollywood Stunts 24
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Niko is joined by stuntmen Aaron Toney and Gui DaSilva to break down some of the craziest stunts in your favorite Hollywood films.


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  • Suhan Li
    Suhan Li

    ANIMAL STUNTS!! There’s an old movie called “the shaggy dog” where they cut between a dog and a man wearing a dog costume jumping through a window and rappelling

  • alex sosa
    alex sosa

    It would be awesome to see a stuntman react to “ong bak” with tony ja

  • Mohsin Nisar
    Mohsin Nisar

    Would really like to see the break down of the chair hitting the guy in hospital in the movie Nobody 2021. Insane.

  • Angie Maestre
    Angie Maestre

    I don't know if it has been done before, but Atomic blonde has a lot of very nice action scenes. It has that eastern feeling in the combat filming.

  • Jay Pringle-Martin
    Jay Pringle-Martin

    Ironclad. A stunt person being dragged up Castle stairs by a horse, there's something about it but still looks good and involves an animal. Full of really good gore effects and an amazing mix of practical and cg from 2011. There's dust simulations...😉

  • Robert Anthony Bermudez
    Robert Anthony Bermudez

    Noisy. Just like how they behave in movie theaters back then

  • Jonnthan

    Man of Tai Chi

  • Ruben Salgueiro
    Ruben Salgueiro

    Why don't they talk about Banshee when they do this? the fight scene between Matthew Rauch VS Odette Annable is EPIC!!!!

  • Callumn James
    Callumn James

    Have them check this horse hit out

  • Blaxidii

    I don’t know if you guys reacted to this yet, but the opening “fight scene” from Immortal Combat: The Code was abysmal.

  • Travel With Shakib Hasan _TWSH_
    Travel With Shakib Hasan _TWSH_

    Bollywood movie 'Rocky Handsome' ending sense. Make a reaction on it. It's the best Bollywood fight sense.

  • Travel With Shakib Hasan _TWSH_
    Travel With Shakib Hasan _TWSH_

    Bollywood movie 'Rocky Handsome' ending sense. Make a reaction on it. It's the best Bollywood fight sense.

  • Travel With Shakib Hasan _TWSH_
    Travel With Shakib Hasan _TWSH_

    Bollywood movie 'Rocky Handsome' ending sense. Make a reaction on it. It's the best Bollywood fight sense.

  • Travel With Shakib Hasan _TWSH_
    Travel With Shakib Hasan _TWSH_

    Bollywood movie 'Rocky Handsome' ending sense. Make a reaction on it. It's the best Bollywood fight sense.

  • Travel With Shakib Hasan _TWSH_
    Travel With Shakib Hasan _TWSH_

    Bollywood movie 'Rocky Handsome' ending sense. Make a reaction on it. It's the best Bollywood fight sense.

  • Travel With Shakib Hasan _TWSH_
    Travel With Shakib Hasan _TWSH_

    Bollywood movie 'Rocky Handsome' ending sense. Make a reaction on it. It's the best Bollywood fight sense.

  • Cliff Shelton
    Cliff Shelton

    I love the final outside wall fight in chocolate. Super unique.

  • surfer

    At 1:53, the stuntman says "there is no safety", but in the clip, you can clearly feel that the guy on the left landed on some kind of platform and he is actually not hanging on to the container. Gravity does not work like that when hanging on to something. You hang like a bag of meat without doing all that crazy movements.

  • James Duncan
    James Duncan

    The bridge is out, True Lies!!!! Is that really Jaime lee Curtis actually flying by being held by just her hand?????

  • Luchezar Tsvetanov
    Luchezar Tsvetanov

    You should watch this

  • Robert Fletcher
    Robert Fletcher

    Environmental: Scaramouche (1952) sword fight at the end where he cuts the plant to show that the sword is actually sharp, then it's a long shot after that


    Ok guys, yesterday I watched this old goofy italian police movie filled with crazy car chases and all, but one scene really had me genuinely shocked and (probably inappropriately) exhilarated, and it's at about 1:29:15. I won't add more, so here's the whole thing in case you want to check it out Cheers!

  • Jamiemckellar

    I'd love to see you guys break down the marine boarding the train in unstoppable, with Denzel and Pine xx

  • Alex Flores
    Alex Flores

    Please check out the scene in Hot Rod where Rod falls down the side of the mountain for like a minute straight.

  • tommy stevens
    tommy stevens

    Do a fast and furious compilation. Especially the bike chase in the first movie.

  • RobertdeGenius!

    I'd love to see some of Jackie Chan's more recent work like in "the foreigner"

  • Storyteller

    I don’t know if y’all have reacted to this yet but Ran 1985 has a lot of really interesting stunts like shooting at actors with real arrows

  • Onion Kung
    Onion Kung

    you guys should react to "Return to the 36th Chamber", one of Gordon Liu's best work.

  • RagnaPork

    Please react to the bike stunts from Rambo: First Blood

  • Luke Burkett
    Luke Burkett

    Is Nathan Barnatt a stunt performer? Or is he more of a Tom Greene, type?

  • stormmare

    Have they ever done the macguyver horse helicopter stunt?

  • Murican Bear Warrior
    Murican Bear Warrior

    You should do a reaction to the escape from tarkov: the raid series

  • giacomo mineo
    giacomo mineo

    I would like to see a breakdown of "Master and Commander". An amazing movie with very well done invisible vfx.

  • [Reload Show]
    [Reload Show]

    "Kiss of the Dragon" Jet Li vs. The Twins

  • deyaneira garcia
    deyaneira garcia

    The Night Comes For Us ( Julie Estelle vs Two Assassins).

  • Allomorf

    You probably have seen that instagram page already. It would be cool to hear what professional stunt performers think about those crazy guys. I've never seen anything like that before. Their page is @chebotarev_evgeny

  • Bhanu Chandan
    Bhanu Chandan A Boat chase from 70's worth watching

  • Brian Schulz
    Brian Schulz

    I recommend The Good, the Bad and the Weird. There are some fun vfx and fightscenes and its just a good movie.

  • AJ Vergara
    AJ Vergara

    Great environmental fight scene in "The Nevers" on HBO episode 5 on/in the river. It is awesome!

  • soccerlover717

    Please react to "The Mummy" where Brendan Fraser is dropped from the platform by his neck

  • Nonso MEGA
    Nonso MEGA

    Hey Niko, I'm writing this comment now, not because I'm just watching this episode (saw it 2Weeks ago) but because I genuinely have a good suggestion for stuntmen react. Jet li (Fist of Legend) Much love from Nigeria, hope this comment doesn't get lost in the crowd 🙏🏽

  • Caleb Oltmanns
    Caleb Oltmanns

    Environmental fight scene: Jackie Chan in the tuxedo when he’s fighting on top of a tower while his female counterpart is spying on a meeting of international water dealers. Honestly one of my favorite Jackie Chan movies even tho it’s not his best by far. Also Season 1 Episode 20 of community has a chase sequence where someone is running on foot being chased by a golf cart. It would make a great gag chase scene for a video, in the same vein as when you had the office “parkour” scene in an earlier video.

  • Alex Efros
    Alex Efros

    Netflix AWAKE crash scene. One take from road to underwater inside the car...

  • Matthew Chapman
    Matthew Chapman

    Idea, please react to the Family Guy cafeteria fight with Meg and Chris

  • Nikolaj Trier
    Nikolaj Trier

    Indiana Jones: raiders of the lost ark. There is som really good stuntman work in the truck chasescene

  • New Dawn
    New Dawn

    Many moons ago on a fairly new website at the time called new grounds I was going through a bunch of "stickdeath" and alike animations, one stood out from the rest simply called "another random battle". It's quick but action packed, also has Fox by Millencolin playing in the background which compliments it. I offer this up to Corridor Crew and their cohorts. I know it's not the normal type of stuff you show on here but it's well worth the watch. Here's a link to an upload someone has put up on here.

  • Grim1952

    Can't agree on WW's action scenes, you can tell so hard it's sped up. Specially because of the constant slow down speed up going back and forth. Doesn't help that Gadot moves so sluggishly, like the part where she punches a dude, speeds up to catch him and throw him again, the first punch is super awkward and for the throw you can't feel any force behind Diana's action, it's like she doesn't want to hurt the stuntmen or something. I also don't like the choreography, it's like she just flais around instead of making calculated strikes, compare her to Captain America, the dude strikes with purpose and doesn't throw people around randomly. Finally, when she hits people they'll fly in random directions, she does a low sweep and the guy flies to the wall instead of falling on his ass, then she does a hook and one of the guys she hits flies up somehow.

  • Metal13 Panda
    Metal13 Panda

    Please react to more matrix fights and power ranger fights from the tv show

  • sonu das
    sonu das

    You guys should react to see season 1 episode 3 fight scene

  • Chandler Guptill
    Chandler Guptill

    you should react to the locker room fight from big brother with donnie yen

  • CoreZeroPH

    Stair fights! Stair fights! STAIRSSSSSSS

  • russthebussmetal

    around the world in 80 days, when the woman falls chasing jackie, did she just go for it?

  • Chris Carantit
    Chris Carantit

    You guys need to do reactions to The Mask of Zorro with Antonio Banderas and Anthony Hopkins who did their own sword work!

  • An Gin
    An Gin

    Love the show, the stunts the VFX.... 1. RE:Reborn - Stunt breakdown 2. Old boy (2013) - Stunt breakdown 3. Tron legacy - VFX breakdown 4. Mortal Kombat (2021) stunt and VFX breakdown 5. Blind swordsman Zatoichi - Stunt breakdown

  • pglazzari1

    The Revenant “Bear scene”

  • pglazzari1

    The Revenant “Bear scene”

  • pglazzari1

    The Revenant “Bear scene”

  • Cody Stalker
    Cody Stalker

    In Breaking Bad, season 3, episode 10 (Fly), Walt falls off a railing, hitting a big metal vat before hitting the ground. Looks painful.

  • Jesse Davi
    Jesse Davi

    In the 80s movie RAD During the bicycle dancing scene the lead actress clearly gets change to a man with a mustache. One of my favorite movies. #stuntmenreact

  • Rasul Amirov
    Rasul Amirov

    7:09 for some reason I expected these stuntmen to say: "Daaayum"

  • William Thomas
    William Thomas

    Could we get some stunt men react and possibly go over stunting do's and don'ts using Johnny knoxville and the jackass crew as examples please?

  • egichkon

    Check out Russian movie called “Major Grom/Major Thunder”. It consists of two films, where the first “movie” is 30 minutes long, but fight coordination, choreography and filming in it are the BEST YET in WHOLE Russian cinematography. You will definitely love it!

  • Christian Boehme
    Christian Boehme

    I'd like to see fight scenes of Bud Spencer movies analysed. Surely they are intended with a comical element, but nevertheless featuring a unique style. I've read he is not that famous in the US, but in Europe and Asia.

  • Jay Jeckel
    Jay Jeckel

    6:50 What's silly is seeing Wonder Woman do superhero stuff and then shooting guns at her and attacking her from the front. The guy that flanked her and hit her in the back of her head is the only one in the group that is thinking at all.

  • Steve Mackey
    Steve Mackey

    The Agent May vs. Agent May (Agent 33) fight from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, season 2, episode 4 "Face My Enemy"

  • Yazid Dasuki
    Yazid Dasuki

    Perhaps you guys could do a react for movie "WIRA".. yayan was in that movie..

  • Luke Daniels
    Luke Daniels

    It's not too crazy but I always like walking tall with the rock in it. One scene where he walks into the casino with a 2b4 was awesome, or anything from hellboy movies

  • Yahya Bamazruk
    Yahya Bamazruk

    can we have the fight scen form the night come for us, the last battle between iko and joe. it is a really long fight scene but they really use environment. please consider reading this comment corridor :))

  • glizzy Santana
    glizzy Santana

    The dark knight rises airplane stunt!!!

  • tullyvision

    PILI Fantasy: War of Dragons

  • Rod Cas
    Rod Cas

    I'd love to see them react to the stuns in "Mask of Zorro" some great horse stunts

  • Isaiah Hubert
    Isaiah Hubert

    I never got the Ruroni Kenshin gag. If you got hit in the head with a blunt katana that shit would pop your skull open like a can of beans.

  • Vasu Kamboj
    Vasu Kamboj

    Please give reaction to one punch man anime 😁. Saitama vs genos

  • Daniel Del Pozo
    Daniel Del Pozo

    Drop Zone. About an hour 15 in, the scene when the young kid's chute doesn't open all the way and he has to cut away.

  • kingofloseing

    React to the time when Shaq ran into a Christmas tree... 1:53

  • Stephen Proctor
    Stephen Proctor

    I'd love to see the defusing the bomb scene from Speed where Keanu Reeves is under a moving bus.

  • Hamadpro 12
    Hamadpro 12


  • Linkovich Chomofsky
    Linkovich Chomofsky

    I'm pretty sure Niko only owns 5 shirts.

  • Malik Arran
    Malik Arran

    Dude, fuck this.


    The Jackie Chan and Benny Urquidez fight needs to be reviewed.

  • [EDD]

    Nolan has to be the most overated director workin right now. Love his first stuff but when he went big budget he lost me.

  • Božidar Ševo
    Božidar Ševo

    do "Tango & Cash" with Sly 😎

  • Edward William
    Edward William

    An environmental scene that I enjoy is the fight in the restaurant in Push (actually like all the fights are environmental af) between Chris Evans and the other mover.

  • Edward William
    Edward William

    At 12:05, the heads nodding in sync... looked cool af

  • Jelloface

    I want Stuntmen React to The Discombobulate Scene from Sherlock Holmes (2009)

  • TheLazaroLife

    “Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry” helicopter chase

  • Patrik Andersson
    Patrik Andersson

    There are some pretty wacko stunts (and VFX) in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Specifically towards the end of S4E7

  • Just A Guy
    Just A Guy

    I think Ong Bak had a serious fight scene or two using the environment.

  • antoine ducroux
    antoine ducroux

    You should really do this guy ! Weird stunts @

  • Tristan Fortier
    Tristan Fortier

    Opening chase scene from Skyfall

  • The Owl
    The Owl

    Chinese Zodiac: Rollerblade suit scene

  • Poseidon K.o.t.s
    Poseidon K.o.t.s

    The mask of zoro has some great choreography

  • Tyler Edic
    Tyler Edic

    Hot rod

  • JetEyeMonkey

    Can you guys do a terminator react mini series?

  • Nomadic Dragon
    Nomadic Dragon

    Stuntmen react to Xtreme on Netflix. Lots of brutal action and tons of Blood squirts. The first action scene is literally a gunfight. The ending has a sword scene..

  • Cloverfield fan Productions
    Cloverfield fan Productions

    Do cloverfield VFX

  • Daniel Clements
    Daniel Clements

    Karate Kid 2010 Jackie vs Kids (6v1)

  • funnguy410

    If you want an old but good one, the chariot chase at the end of A Funny Thing Happend on the Way to the Forum... some pretty amazing stunts and an old Buster Keaton still doing Buster Keaton things

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