Animators React to Bad & Great Cartoons 3
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Niko and Wren sit down once again with Veteran Animator and Director Alexander Snow of Dreamworks Animation, to break down some of the best and worst animation in pop culture today.

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  • The Genius Fool
    The Genius Fool

    Watch mob psycho and one punch man for EPIC animations

  • LazyTime YT
    LazyTime YT

    Anime: *Drifters*

  • Shivam Dohare
    Shivam Dohare

    Hinokami Kagrura. Period.

  • savedchesne

    one piece is the best anime no cap

  • Zulibeth B.
    Zulibeth B.

    Haikyuu is really good! Highly recommend it

  • BeePeeEen


  • HTH11 Gaming
    HTH11 Gaming

    My last comment was that for that is the best anime it’s a recommendation for wren to watch

  • HTH11 Gaming
    HTH11 Gaming

    JoJo’s bizarre adventure

  • mr mag00
    mr mag00

    I watched avatar as a kid and there is nothing like it today still

  • Zen'no Mazoku Noburesu14 X
    Zen'no Mazoku Noburesu14 X

    I wanna see your opinion on an anime called free! Your name and a silent voice The last 2 are movies actually

  • Gabriel Grenier-McDermott
    Gabriel Grenier-McDermott

    Watch Devilman Crybaby, great anime.

  • Melxnjuice

    Jojos bizzare adventure the fight against king crimson and the world

  • xNico

    If you do want to do another one of these videos, I would very highly recommend the Anime Movie "Redline". It looks absolutely stunning, took over 7 years to create and has over 100,000 hand drawn frames of animation! With the movie being 102 mins long, that's over 908 frames a minute!

  • Gummiodler

    Best anime: "re:zero"

  • Majestic cat
    Majestic cat

    Mob psycho 100

  • BlazeOp 420
    BlazeOp 420

    Sword art online.

  • Kenny

    Love+Death & Robots DOOO IT!!!

  • Kenny

    Love+Death & Robots DOOO IT!!!

  • Błażej Burcewicz
    Błażej Burcewicz

    One Piece is the best anime in my opiinion it has literally evrything in terms of story and in terms of visual

  • Desert Foxchild
    Desert Foxchild

    Best anime to start with is Cowboy Bebop. Especially for an adult. Even folks who say they don't like anime seem to be able to get into Cowboy Bebop and watch the english dub solely for the voice of Steve Blum.

  • Mr Hockey
    Mr Hockey

    Most then half of Legend of Korra book 2 was animated by studio Pierrot that’s why the animation looked kinda lazy

  • mancaveproductions00


  • Blight Rights
    Blight Rights


  • kaiserkreb

    One Punch Man has some absolutely amazing animation

  • Darksmartbotter

    Anime: AKIRA

  • Esh Galili
    Esh Galili

    You should do reactions to Gorillaz stuff

  • Dennis Stark
    Dennis Stark

    If you realy want to watch Anime... Full Metal Alchemist, HunterxHunter, Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Champloo, One Punch Man, Attack on Titan,... Red Line😉

  • Ryan Shurmon
    Ryan Shurmon

    The Genoa vs Saitama fight scene is one of the best scenes in anime. It's so smooth and fluid, and conveys motion and effort so well.

  • I'm Ana-chan
    I'm Ana-chan

    please review Violet Evergarden

  • Der Sebbler
    Der Sebbler

    Avatar is amazing. It’s not only a show for kids but I watched it as an adult and it still is very entertaining and Good. Not done with Korra yet though. Also don’t know if you already did but have a look at one punch man. It’s amazing.

  • Jay Won Lee
    Jay Won Lee

    Sword of the Stranger had some amazing fight choreographies

  • Pizza Pie
    Pizza Pie

    Jojo's Bizarre Adventure is a pretty good anime-

  • Bibek Ghosh
    Bibek Ghosh

    watch naruto

  • Anonymoose

    Neon genesis evangelion. A 90’s anime with LOTS to look at: great mech fights, interesting budget decisions, movie adaptation (might be hard to look at without getting demonetized), and the debate between whether the original vs reboot is better.

  • Dylan Walsh
    Dylan Walsh

    Mob Psycho for sure

  • Donatas Simaitis
    Donatas Simaitis

    invincible would have been a 10/10 if not for the cg crowds.

  • Karl Matrix
    Karl Matrix

    INVINCIBLE have a very great animation except for episode 4, 5 and 6 where they clearly cut the budget for some scenes, to give more animation budget for episode 7-8..

  • spartan warrior
    spartan warrior

    I got something for ya. League of Legends cinematics; specifically Legends of Runeterra cutscenes...

  • dublindom yt
    dublindom yt

    Ngl avatar isnt an anime it's a cartoon that's well drawn but it isnt actually animated in the same way as anime(s) are

  • wjrneo2

    Legend of Korra is hated because she's not Aang, and didn't go on the same Journey. Aang grew up as an Airbender, in a monastery, so you can say he was Sheltered. However, he wasn't singled out as special. Korra from an early age was sequestered and trained by only the best. And it comes out, she's used to getting her way for the most part, and when she doesn't, and breaks the rules, her punishments for that were mild, or the backlash from poor decisions were hidden. So when she gets out in the real world, as she desperately wants to, she's shocked when her actions carry consequences she's never had to own up to. In many ways, Korra is very much the more traditional cocky male hero journey. But since she's not a man, there was backlash over that. She does however grow over the course, she learns and matures. Animation wise? Korra is on par with full motion picture budgets. Studio Mir took the project on, and later had to back out or sub-contract some of the work out, it was simply too exhausting and labor intensive to get those sorts of frame counts. This is why season 2 had a drop in quality. But Mir was back in for season 3, and the quality is noticed. Its not only beautifully animated, but animated as real people would move. They took the martial choreography up to another level and it shows in the character movement.

  • Corto Maltese
    Corto Maltese

    Hands down Cowboy Bebop.

  • Brigham Cole
    Brigham Cole

    Cowboy Bebop is definitely a good intro into anime.

  • Riley Davis
    Riley Davis

    Watch hunter x hunter

  • BlueSquirrel

    Ufotable has the best animation

  • The Lasagniac
    The Lasagniac

    Check out Trese in the next animators react

  • Chandra techno
    Chandra techno

    Naruto and death note

  • jake mckown
    jake mckown

    Ah yes, today we will be watching the best thing that humans have made so far, don’t say something bad about it!

  • Wail Nozarashi
    Wail Nozarashi

    One piece and jojo

  • The 8-bit NooB
    The 8-bit NooB

    They need to check out tower of god


    one punch man or JoJo is the best anime

  • Jack Wasley
    Jack Wasley

    Titan AE - the ice fields towards the end of the movie, I think this still holds up today pretty well!

    • mazuzuri

      I was thinking the same thing, especially the planet creation of new earth is beautiful

  • Amine Mechtaoui
    Amine Mechtaoui

    I think castelevania deserves a shot in animators react

  • The Lego builder
    The Lego builder

    Please can you react to stop motion films and stop motion short films since it is one of the most tedious animation forms there is !!!

  • Geo Dav
    Geo Dav

    metal bat vs garou!!!!!!!

  • jinsei

    react to dbs broly movie

  • Losika Same
    Losika Same

    one piece

  • Jarno Datema
    Jarno Datema

    If only they spent Korra’s animation budget on writing staff

  • Luke Austin
    Luke Austin

    You guys should check out wolf walkers, I think it's the most stunning animation I've ever seen

  • Gerry Mandell
    Gerry Mandell

    Animation reaction to ANY love death and robots episodes lol. Please please haha

  • TheShowdown

    0:44 bro thats brawlhalla bro did brawlhalla?!!??!?!!

  • Levi Herrick
    Levi Herrick

    Demon slayer

  • Grant Browning
    Grant Browning

    Trigun is the best anime

  • Corey Jones
    Corey Jones

    Please react to Fog hill of the five elements. Beautiful animation, like holy crap it's good. Its miny three part series consisting of Chinese animation. Very good, very nice. Please watch

  • Bobbylee Larkins
    Bobbylee Larkins

    Peacock king,

  • Jayden Ferguson
    Jayden Ferguson

    Fire force

  • MrVipitis

    The shout-out to Bernd was really unexpected. So whatever is editing this, Nick? Has been diving into Resolve more and knows the good tutorials.

  • Obi Ventura
    Obi Ventura

    Best way to make weebs fight : "Whats the best anime that I can watch?" lmao. Though if we are talking animation anime with stunning visuals, I like Kimestu No Yaiba (Demon Slayer), Hunter X Hunter for the story and uniqueness, JoJo for the craziness/uniqueness of art style, No Game No Life for the great story, Any of the earlier Digimon Series (which have pretty good dubs), FMA Brotherhood, and the most recent one I found is To Your Eternity.

  • littlesnowflakepunk

    Wren needs to watch Baki 2018. It's so stupid, I love it

  • Dominic Morlino
    Dominic Morlino

    Can you guys react to "Abed's Uncontrollable Christmas" from Community

  • Matheus Falcão
    Matheus Falcão

    fog hill of the five elements. Trust me

  • Ian Makarchyk
    Ian Makarchyk

    I think reacting to cup head would be a very interesting video. I know it's not a game and they don't really do games but I think it could be an interesting original video

  • MK

    What about Fate/Stay night unlimited budget works?

  • John Smith
    John Smith

    one. punch. man.

  • theelmo41

    Redline anime should be looked at. Wry slept on movie in my opinion.

  • StapleGolem

    Do Jujutsu Kaisen or Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

  • Chiagoziem chelsea Nwoko
    Chiagoziem chelsea Nwoko

    Lol how is it that pple think adult animation is new. He said invincible is adult animation and it's something new? Umm Boondocks? Rick and Morty? Family guy? American dad? DC cartoons?

  • Liam Gradwohl
    Liam Gradwohl

    Neon Genesis Evangelion

  • Muad'dib2288

    React to Fate/Zero, has almost the animation quality of Unlimited Blade Works, and a better story

  • Karan Deshmukh
    Karan Deshmukh

    Tokyo revengers anime

  • Sweagulle

    In terms of great characters, story, and fluid animation I'd say Mob psycho 100 it's for sure my favorite anime

  • Heat Plays
    Heat Plays

    Please do an Animator Reacts to the Chika Dance from Kaguya-sama: Love is War. Just saw this and was astounded to find out there is no 3D work or cloth simulation done. Blew my mind. Apparently was partially rotoscoped, mainly the dress, which is jaw droppingly realistic and all hand drawn. Sadly, I cannot find a solid HD clip, but did find some that had a neutral background and a medium quality clip. I need to see what you guys think of this as I cannot stop watching it. Medium Quality: White Background: Green Screen Background: This is special! Key Animation + Live Animation Lastly, I watch full episodes on this site which seems to be legit and not torrented: Episode 3 @ 22:22

  • Luke Eichas
    Luke Eichas

    Samurai champloo for the win

  • Benjamin Ribble
    Benjamin Ribble

    Anything by Hayao Miyazaki. A good anime to react to would be Vinland saga btw

  • Israel Valdez
    Israel Valdez

    the best anime animation wise is fate stay night heavens feel, the 3 movies

  • Lucas Rafael Desenhista
    Lucas Rafael Desenhista

    Spriggan and Escaflowne the movie is very well done. Hokuto no Ken OVA 1,2 e 3 I guess from 2014.. the new one is very well painting too in background.

  • Chris Foster
    Chris Foster

    I’ve seen The Last Airbender about 167 times…AND IT KEEPS GETTING FUNNIER EVERY SINGLE TIME I SEE IT!

  • PresidentialWinner

    LOL at that comment about they using CG in Korra without us noticing or caring about it....BULLSHIT they fucked up that show using CG. The last season was trash because of it. That is not a exaggeration.

  • PresidentialWinner

    You want good anime? Here; Fate/Zero / Akira / Vampire Hunter D (old and new versions)

  • Toast'N'BreaD✓

    Best anime doraemon react to the new movies

  • Orphic_Ghost

    Bro watch Jujutsu Kaisen with me.

  • Paul Trively
    Paul Trively

    Hey! It's a little late, but any chance you guys can look at Love, Death and Robots?? It's amazing character development in SUPER short packages.

  • Madkujo

    My hero academia

  • Paul

    The best anime? That's gotta be Attack on Titan

  • Luke P Bryant
    Luke P Bryant

    Best anime I think is mob psycho 100. The fight scene between Mob vs Koyama in episode 8 🤯🤯🤯🤯 Can't go wrong with One Punch Man too

  • lilfirecock


  • [ It’s Dylan ]
    [ It’s Dylan ]

    This is so late but FMA:B is the best show I’ve seen

  • Zigototo

    Cowboy Bebop n'est anime ever !

  • Jaime Velez
    Jaime Velez

    If you want a good recent anime, then watch Demon Slayer kimestu no yaiba. If you want an older one, then Fist of the North Star is one of the best.

  • Jack Tucker
    Jack Tucker

    Oh if you’re looking for anime recommendations I will always push Mob Psycho 100 and Fullmetal Alchemist

  • Adrian Duran
    Adrian Duran

    You should watch hunter x hunter or Naruto even possibly boruto

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