Animators React to Bad & Great ANIME
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Niko and Wren sit down once again with Veteran Animator and Director Alexander Snow of Dreamworks Animation, to break down some of the best and worst anime in pop culture today.

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  • Sourin Bhattacharjee
    Sourin Bhattacharjee

    10:54 -- wait, it's Eren's second transformation, and in the case more than 1 time Titan transformation the Titan gets smaller in size. Probably that's the reason.

  • Rapid Trap
    Rapid Trap

    Houseki no Kuni

  • Rayhan Miah
    Rayhan Miah

    Demon slayer

  • Jake Fairley
    Jake Fairley

    The movie Redline is a must, every frame is it's own piece of art I really feels like a manga come to life

  • Michał Żyła
    Michał Żyła

    I've just watched Perfect Blue for the first time and IT BLOWED MY MIND, I'd love to see Your take on some of Satoshi Kon stuff

  • S.Vishwakhartha

    violet evergarden is probably the best animated anime

  • X127 Abdul Hadi
    X127 Abdul Hadi

    Just do fate series it hurts my head to figure out

  • savedchesne

    I'd say one piece is groundbreaking because it has so much emotion in its episodes, and can get you so hype from fight scenes, just from the amazing bond luffy has with his crewmates.

  • bengemations

    a few animes with great animation: demon slayer, mob psycho 100, and one punch man

  • 毎

    Jujutsu Kaisen i think that really worked so well in their animation and their approach to the perspectives and fight scenes being so dynamic and enjoyable (and they won Anime of the year 2021)

  • Salmon boy Li
    Salmon boy Li

    The fate franchise has some pretty good animations, i recommend checking it out.

  • 毎

    i love this, but i just love japanese dub too much that hearing the english dub feels so weird

  • Jodie Jo
    Jodie Jo

    i swear rhats adam sandlar ????

  • Moises Mendoza
    Moises Mendoza

    Ground breaking anime’s: AKIRA & Perfect blue Why? Why not.

  • Tim

    basically all of fate made by ufotable

  • sariusmonk

    You guys covered One Punch Man vs Genos? That animation is siiiiiiiiick

  • Mechagodzilla

    They need a video on the animation style of Godzilla: Singular Point anime because it’s awesome!

  • pog Rohan Kishibe
    pog Rohan Kishibe

    Jotaro vs dio and Josuke Higashikata vs Yoshikage Kira best fight seen

  • JLT Yes
    JLT Yes

    CG titans starting from season 2 have been a let down. They should just be given more time to do a season.

  • JLT Yes
    JLT Yes

    Mob Psycho. Crazy animation from season one and two. Studio Bones

  • jdp 90five
    jdp 90five

    Adam Sandler knows his anime.

  • BeePeeEen

    Naruto & sasuke vs momoshiki Trevor vs Death Castlevania

  • AnimeKing 2020
    AnimeKing 2020

    Ufotable is watching this video

  • Gio Jab's misadventures with life
    Gio Jab's misadventures with life

    My favorite channel talkinhg about my favorite anime gundam? YESSSSSSSSS

  • parth raghuwanshi
    parth raghuwanshi

    I feel bad for anyone who watched this before watching AOT. Yeah, you can't understand anything that's happening without context but it still is a spoiler.

  • Daniel Denmon
    Daniel Denmon

    Final Space is a terrible show but it has some pretty good animation, for what the show is.

  • Thuya Nyan
    Thuya Nyan

    Jotaro VS Dio please react to this

  • Renashi 012
    Renashi 012

    Alright... If you guys are making this a series, would want to recommend some of Ufotable studio works. Although... I'm not good at taking any specific scene, you could react either from the Fate Series like Shirou's Nine lives blade scene or the Opening of Tsukihime Remake. Edit: Forgot to mention Kyoto Animation. That studio is one of the best in making very good 2D animation such as Violet Evergarden, Kara no Kyoukai and Hibike Euphurium. Probably recommending the pond jumping scene in Violet Evergarden.

  • Brage Strand
    Brage Strand

    You should look at flåklypa gran prix (pinchcliff gran pix) its a Norwegian stop motion film from 1977. It was the inspiration for the podrace in star wars

  • FleexFox

    Oh, please do Land of the Lustrous! That show is basically textbook example of CG done right with great blending and transitions between 2D and 3D animation. I'm actually surprised it wasn't brought up since Alex is primarily a CG animator.

  • Veon

    Mappa had to speed make s4, thats why cgi is used for titans

  • Naaz

    Plz do a demon slayer breakdown

  • Exself

    Oh shi.. fu.. damn!! I forgot how cringy dubbed anime sounds.

  • Kirina Jeanne ENOi
    Kirina Jeanne ENOi

    show this to those who said Mappa quality like shyt. they didn't know how hard to animated one scene into anime. plus they couldn't even draw Levi nose correctly but bark to people and blaming them like bruhh... 😒

  • Jasper Adrielle
    Jasper Adrielle

    Boruto Episode 65 it's fast paced and it has a great sound track on background and the animation is fluid

  • Hackermann

    i always forget that Spiderverse is actually 3d.

  • Isaac Chuah
    Isaac Chuah

    Mob psycho!

  • AkiJipang

    And you should check the Fate series fighting scene, it a great CGI animation

  • AkiJipang

    Fan fact: Gundum UC is all drawn by hand even tho it’s a Robot Anime And it’s crazy good

  • Saket Annu
    Saket Annu

    Can you please react to Demon Slayer

  • Aaron Davidson
    Aaron Davidson

    I wanna see you guys react to scenes in the fate anime series, specifically like fate apocrypha the sieg vs karna fight, or like sieg vs shirou kotomine.

  • strikingfreedom

    You might not see this since it was weeks ago but when talking about how thing are animated or how cg is done video games are also an interesting space to look at. I only thought of this because of you comments on forced perspective and how it's not used in CG but there is a Japanese company called Arcsystemworks that hand animate there 3d models to recreate the feeling of 2d anime shots while still having the illution that there models are 2d Dragon ball fighterZ, Guilty Gear Xrd, Guilty Gear Strive you should take a gander. Watched a kind mimi documentary on it and I was blown away in terms of there determination to apply tradition 2d animation techniques in a 3d space and I think if an anime studio catches on to some of these ideas I think CG anime can be as good if not better than 2d.

  • Trupal Gogadani
    Trupal Gogadani

    Ufotable studios

  • Vintage Pokémon Hunter Bros.
    Vintage Pokémon Hunter Bros.

    Pokémon anime and it being ground breaking for giving so many people seizures

  • Lowkey

    I wish if people appreciated all the animators who work hard and are underpaid than the underpaid and hardworking animators in Japan. Overworking, Underpaid animators are everywhere fellas, not just the property of one country. Hell, do you know how much the overworking guys in the game studios earn?

  • Lettuce

    I know you guys love cgi I believe the company Ufotable is the first to truly properly blend cgi with anime so it doesn't feel out of place I recommend the scene down below in particular . Anime: Fate "Heavens Feel II" Saber Alter vs Berserker

  • ramiro tijerina
    ramiro tijerina

    How much drawings did the Kenny vs Levi scene have ?

  • Za Ma
    Za Ma

    Do demon slayer tanjiro vs rui, best animated fight scene

  • Vinayak Tiwary
    Vinayak Tiwary

    Dude that was basically only 1 anime...

  • I'm Ana-chan
    I'm Ana-chan

    try the fate series

  • Chris P
    Chris P

    If you guys are looking for anime movies to look at in the future, I highly recommend checking out Redline. It's probably the most visually striking anime I've ever seen.

  • Leafy89

    In terms of CGI, I really enjoy how idol anime have utilized it for dance sequences in recent years. It used to be something that fans dreaded, but several anime have improved their CG models and motions, often integrated with 2D detail shots. In that sense, I consider the Uta no Prince-sama movie (which is actually just one big CG concert) to be quite groundbreaking. Obviously, I'm biased due to being a huge fan of the series for years, but I still recommend it to anyone looking into examples of good CG dancing animation.

  • Graham Ince
    Graham Ince

    The animation sequence from kill bill volume 1 is beloved to me.

  • Matt

    Samurai X was my favorite anime as a kid I use to think it was great

  • Karmabitchable

    I love AOT. Can't wait to cry like a baby when it ends.

  • Dizzy Volt
    Dizzy Volt wow

  • LeBrainTrain

    Kinda wish 80% of this wasn't about Attack on Titan :(

  • Melvin Chen
    Melvin Chen

    Pokemon XYZ Satoshi vs Swayer

  • Arda Ali A.
    Arda Ali A.

    neon genesis was ground breaking

  • Luca Tamagnini
    Luca Tamagnini

    I need an episode of this about Demon Slayer mugen train

  • Aala Elsadig
    Aala Elsadig

    For groundbreaking stuff, I can only think of Mob Psycho 100 and maybe Demon Slayer right now. Mob Psycho 100 I think really pushed the limit of how we utilize the art-form of animation creatively, and the whole show was just this children playground. I'm not an animator, but watching it, it sometimes feels like I'm watching a child just going all out with crayons and paints and doing something new. I don't know what I can say about Demon Slayer more than its really nice use of CG along with hand-drawn animation to really enhance the show in some aspect, but God does the show look so polished and gorgeous that I just can't help but feel there must be some other cool gems in there.

  • Amaganic

    Boruto: Naruto and Sasuke vs Momoshiki

  • Alex Spenard
    Alex Spenard

    You missed demon slayer, the best animation I've seen

  • BlueSquirrel

    One punch man was pretty groundbreaking

  • nyang nyang
    nyang nyang

    actually attack on titan season 4 is super rushed. they gave only 8 months for the studio to create a totally new production staff and make the anime since isayama (or probably kodansha) wanted the s4 pt1 anime to finish around the same time as the manga. wit and all other animation studio denied it because of how big the workload is gonna be especially in the upcoming finale


    Some scenes in tournament of power ❤

  • Brandon Diaz
    Brandon Diaz

    Bruh its dubbed 🤦

  • Ennyway

    If you're wanting to talk about 2d/3d blended animation, AND reference Spiderverse, you're basically obligated to check out Land of the Lustrous. It was supposedly a direct reference for Spiderverse's use of animating on 2's while the background is on 1's, or something to this effect. It's also one of the best looking 3d anime's in general, and has a lot of eye-candy scenes.

  • inf0phreak

    For some early attempts at using CGI in anime, take a look at Studio Gonzo's Vandread from 2000. They were one of the early adopters in trying to use CGI for mecha and... I think I'll just be charitable and say that the quality was hit or miss.

  • R.Y.L.C.H.T

    Fate Heaven Feel Assassin vs Lancer

  • The Lazy Spot
    The Lazy Spot

    Your Name is so beautiful, you should definately look at it

  • Laurel Shepard
    Laurel Shepard

    Houseki no Kuni was the first fully CGI anime that truly looked beautiful and used the medium to it's full extent. It was truly groundbreaking back in 2017(?) and allowed for more fully CG shows to jump into the mainstream

  • Natalia Wojas
    Natalia Wojas

    Yuri on Ice!! or Free!! the latter has amazing water animation! **

  • Javier Paredes Gallardo
    Javier Paredes Gallardo

    14:05 min, amazing jaw titan

  • Adiraj Singh
    Adiraj Singh

    Seriously need to check out the animation by ufotable in the Fate series

  • Delta_GM

    I just love attack on titan and it is sad that i started watching when it is at the finale. Still one of the best shows i ever seen. ❤️❤️❤️

  • Lucky Buizel
    Lucky Buizel

    Mob Psycho 100 has some amazing fight scenes that have really good animation. One of the really cool things about this is when ever Mob uses his psychic powers he gets this really cool affect around him and the only way I can describe is that its like a hollow foil pokemon card. And Thais not even the start of the amazing animation. I really do love this anime and I think it’s a great choice to check out.

  • Cataholic

    Ping pong the animation is the most fluid animation I have ever seen.

  • Jason Pinto
    Jason Pinto

    They should change the title to "Animators react to AOT"

  • weird gamer
    weird gamer

    Fate series is a have to watch just because of the animation Demon slayer asswell Gundam iron blooded orphans is good asswell

  • Carlos E. Unibaso
    Carlos E. Unibaso

    The final scenes of the two Boku No Hero Academy movies always take my breath away, they are visually and emotionally fantastic.

  • Vadu1337

    They definitly should react to the weird animation in the naruto vs pain fight. You guys know which scene i mean.

  • Sherry W
    Sherry W

    Would be cool to look at the actions scenes in Fate Zero... I love Ufotable

  • Nicolas Fernandez
    Nicolas Fernandez

    Full mental it on Netflix and the fight between father and edward

  • AayMedia

    Jujustu Kaisen PLEEEASSEEEE

  • jhan gozu
    jhan gozu

    Please react to Trese! New animated series on Netflix

  • Uzair Islam
    Uzair Islam

    Neon genesis evangelion, especially the fight scenes and the "ending" from the movie, "End of Evangelion"

  • AtmaAnu

    You guys should react to the ultraman anime series

  • Hikari Hikari
    Hikari Hikari

    0:15 The 4th season of AOT was animated by studio MAPPA. Studio WIT did 3 seasons but they gave the project to studio MAPPA for the 4th season. This studio shift was a last minute decision and because of this MAPPA had only about 8 month to animate s4 which has 16 episodes so they didn't have time to properly blend in the cg titans with the 2d animation. Studios usually have about about 1,5 years to animate a season so 8 month was a really short time for them to do 16 episodes. Check out other animes from studio MAPPA for example The god of high school and Jujutsu Kaisen. They had the proper amount of time to animate these 2 anime and both look amazing. Jujutsu Kaisen won best anime, best ending and best villain of the year in 2020.

  • Sauceman98

    Jujutsu Kaisen: Mai bullet tracking back Maki

  • Malk Cereal
    Malk Cereal

    Promare would be amazing guys the same guy that did Kill la kill and Gurren lagan!

  • Ben Calloway
    Ben Calloway

    I know I’m late but please do animators react to one punch man saitama vs genos and jjk gojo vs jogo

  • Inder Chahal
    Inder Chahal

    one piece: luffy vs doflamingo with luffy going gear 4, that one has really crazy animation

  • Kobe Glasscock
    Kobe Glasscock

    I think the different look to Erens titan in season 4 makes him look much more menacing.

  • cormac o cinneide
    cormac o cinneide

    You should react to the Jojo's Bizzare Adventure 3D intros

  • Ryan Mills
    Ryan Mills

    You guys should react to Yami’s Dimension Slash from Black Clover!

  • Fine Nova
    Fine Nova

    Most people still don't realize the MAPPA took over Attack on Titan cause nobody else wanted to do season 4 in the time frame that was given, that is why MAPPA did cgi titans cause it was less time consuming, not cause they thought it would look better.

    • Giacomo Passarini
      Giacomo Passarini

      How much was the time frame that was given?

    • Capt Flapjack
      Capt Flapjack

      also, cgi was used before mappa took over

    • Erl Montero
      Erl Montero

      And now MAPPA is taking leverage with the popularity of Attack on Titan. Their other works are being discover by many and becoming more popular.

    • iBro&SisTEES

      They do be taking a lot of projects though which is a little bit unfair for their other anime pointing out to Attack on Titan, although they really did a great job and in fact did their best and a lot of people find the 4th season great which is the important thing, still if only they gave it more time we would definitely see something better if not the best.

    • Royale Gaming
      Royale Gaming

      Was just about to say this myself lol. For the time they had I think they did a phenomenal job

  • Super Pepper Shaker
    Super Pepper Shaker

    Daicon IV: A significant 80s animation that birthed the now legendary studio Gainax. It's also been creditted as the origin of modern otakuism. The animation goes above and beyond, even featuring a 3d segment done by hand without CG software.

  • Jittery_

    Hellsing/Hellsing Ultimate pl0x


    they saw in dub not in subbed .DUB SUCKS

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