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  • David Spensley
    David Spensley

    Love to see a reaction to Cruella. The Use of fully CGI Dogs in this film would not have worked if done only a few years ago but looks amazing now.

  • Angie Maestre
    Angie Maestre

    I don't know if it has been done before, but Atomic blonde has a lot of very nice action scenes. It has that eastern feeling in the combat filming.

  • noreply

    1:00 - Some conspiracy theorist wonders why you took his hat and glued it to your chest

  • Sebastian Hendre
    Sebastian Hendre

    Wrennnnnnnnnnnn 😁😁😁😁😁

  • kevin gonzalez
    kevin gonzalez

    The selective date pharmacologically decay because kendo formerly guess around a messy beam. ready, clammy cormorant

  • navaneetha kannan
    navaneetha kannan

    Release the Peter cut !

  • Night Wing
    Night Wing

    This makes me want to play D&D

  • Guerava09

    I deeply respect a man who still watching Shuzo Matsuoka in 2021.

  • Coxsosanis

    When they were doing the breathing challenge I was like “ is niko even alive?”

  • Andre Burke
    Andre Burke


  • the originalist
    the originalist

    Sir Patrick Stewart lol

  • the originalist
    the originalist

    Why does the gun of the t 1000 fall though his hand

  • Gamingwithroblox 11
    Gamingwithroblox 11

    i love attack on titan

  • alien robot Squad owen
    alien robot Squad owen

    Can you attach it to a rat and see what rats live attach it to a rat make let's see what the rat's life looks like

  • frederico pereira
    frederico pereira

    "subscribe" at the middle of the video to get in your brain bro minute 13:30, too funny

  • Ben Everitt
    Ben Everitt

    Can you do a 'prop maker reacts' 'make up artist reacts' or a 'set designer reacts' series? It'll open an entirely new gateway of content

  • gaijininja

    Please, check out "Robocop 2 - OCP's Failed Robots", look at the atrocious stop animation, and tell us how you could do it better using today's CGI resources.

  • Einharjar

    so he is just Omniman.

  • Ad Burno
    Ad Burno

    Hahaha their second finally made clip looks like a sticky gum. The guy t1000 supposed to be a liquid metal not a gummy bear

  • tylma001


  • TokyoSamurai1965 ;3
    TokyoSamurai1965 ;3

    Was it just me, or did someone else hear the discord notification at 3:59?

  • Dragon Slayer Ornstein
    Dragon Slayer Ornstein

    Now deepfake Patrick Stewart into the original scene and get it 100% correct, see how long it takes :). At least you wont have the hair to worry about.

  • M

    The problem is the warping of the face gives silly expression lol, you should have not allow that ahah that’s hilarious

  • Hollis Williams
    Hollis Williams

    Reminds me of this little island which I made at school. I scrunched up a bin liner and then put paper over to it to get a kind of island and then painted it. It was actually the island from Shakespeare's The Tempest so it had a little cave on the side where Caliban lived.

  • Makapaa

    The only thing that, for me, really sticks out is how almost "cut and paste" (in "old" extra character glued to a picture way) the New Luke looks. Tho I think that'd be resolved by adjusting color balance on new face, make it not so bright so that the black of the costume wouldn't make such a sharp edge with the pale skin tone on Lukes' neck/face.

  • aShy Metcalf
    aShy Metcalf

    You should do love and monsters good mix of practical and vfx.

  • zoddy75

    Can y’all comment on the cg video of the robot arm hurling a bowling ball down the lane and crashing into the pins? Too many people think it’s real (including me for a while lol). Here’s a link to a tumblr post but I don’t know where the original is.

  • Gopalakrishnan R
    Gopalakrishnan R Check this video done entirely in realtime engine (Unreal). (Only 2 guys working for those videos in a single PC)

  • Kat

    Sorry I meant 0:21-

  • Kat

    My friend stepping in my flowers in animal crossing : 21

  • Feral Beast
    Feral Beast

    500 iq fly

  • Feral Beast
    Feral Beast

    Bullseye fly

  • Em P
    Em P

    Tokyo ghoule sounds actually not bad, i kinda like it

    • Em P
      Em P

      And then she NAILS the entertainer

  • ThatBugBehindYou

    I think the giggle was a nice touch in theory but in execution it just doesn't work, I think you forgot that this is liquid *metal* and despite the metal being pliable it's still not going to do things like giggle. The action should've been more of a split and pull instead of a push and pull. To add to that pinned comment about the craftsmanship beating out technology I think you really could've benefitted from looking at melted metals and watching them droop and be shaped, I assure you part of the process in making it feel real in Terminator 2 was getting blacksmiths or other people who work with metal to melt down substances and show them what it looks like when you do various things with it as it's in a pliable state.

  • Eren Stormborn Atreides
    Eren Stormborn Atreides

    I'm thrown by... "We've got some REALLY Classic-" and seeing a clip of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 1995 over that

  • Suraj Patil
    Suraj Patil

    What's that bluetooth headphone Clint is using. I want one man but just can't get it's name....

  • Eren Stormborn Atreides
    Eren Stormborn Atreides

    Why did a 🎶Beauty and the Beast🎵 rework start playing at the "Subscribe" part?

  • Marissa Gordon
    Marissa Gordon

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  • Carl Horn
    Carl Horn

    id be more impressed if you remade tron in one day using only the equipment and technology available when it was first made kids in bedrooms can make a better looking tron on modern pc's nowadays

  • Sumit Rawat
    Sumit Rawat

    Jake is a good big brother. 😁

  • seiom jvony
    seiom jvony

    I'd really love to see your take on: "The Mask" - as it is a movie from 1994.

  • johntruttero

    That was wicked work boys 👍🏻

  • Marissa Gordon
    Marissa Gordon

    The overjoyed stove advisably agree because step-grandfather histochemically please underneath a entertaining turnip. knowledgeable, silent pail

  • Shivraj Deshpande
    Shivraj Deshpande

    Check out "20000 Leagues Under the Sea"

  • Matteggsbenedict gamer
    Matteggsbenedict gamer

    i know that is random but what's the name of the music in 2:15 in the background i kind like it.

  • Valerie Warkins
    Valerie Warkins

    i love you guys but please stop begging me to subscribe throughout the video- it interrupts the flow and takes me out of the moment, kinda like a CG mask on a certain green man

  • Just A Guy
    Just A Guy

    You're really hung up on calling him Sir Patrick Stewart aren't you. :P

  • Iain Purdie
    Iain Purdie

    I want a McSticky!

  • Neil Breeze
    Neil Breeze

    I would love to see a breakdown of the scene from episode 1 of season 2 of 'Black Summer' (Netflix series) where a zombie is holding the top of a car during a chase scene.

  • Robert Anthony Bermudez
    Robert Anthony Bermudez

    How do i know that the vessi shoes ad is not a cgi?

    • seiom jvony
      seiom jvony

      Aergons dragons were kinda sick ngl

  • Potato Fury
    Potato Fury

    - Me talking to my mom about the black hole being simulated in Interstellar - My mom, who doesn’t care

  • Jay Pringle-Martin
    Jay Pringle-Martin

    Ironclad. A stunt person being dragged up Castle stairs by a horse, there's something about it but still looks good and involves an animal. Full of really good gore effects and an amazing mix of practical and cg from 2011. There's dust simulations...😉

  • Jude Kiernan Jucar
    Jude Kiernan Jucar

    do titanic

  • G

    Okay he owns $69 million now why in the hell he's there?

  • Luk Ahmad
    Luk Ahmad

    Imagine you guys creating this with the old tech :O

  • Tom Woodstock
    Tom Woodstock

    Peter is an unbelievable genius

  • Obelg Man
    Obelg Man

    what's the weapon in the thumbnail. i've been wondering for 3 years now and I finally harnessed enough inner strength to ask about it in the comment section

  • Robert Anthony Bermudez
    Robert Anthony Bermudez

    Noisy. Just like how they behave in movie theaters back then


    Erm erm the largest titan is rods Titan

  • whiskers gaming
    whiskers gaming

    id love him as my teacher

  • Negasonic

    Put it on the wind

  • Sherif Karawan
    Sherif Karawan

    react to loki

  • Prajwal Pagar
    Prajwal Pagar

    Kung fu hustle (2004) please. I'm surprised you guys haven't looked at it yet.

  • Korwynias Wolfdrake
    Korwynias Wolfdrake

    So I haven't watched all your react videos yet, so not sure if you covered these films. But there are some films in late 80's to early 90's that you may or may not have seen. Robot Jox, Robot Wars and Robo Warriors. Would CGI make these better? Could there be a live action Battletech/MechWarrior movie? Are there any other 'mech B movies that might have flown under the radar?

  • el CONFI
    el CONFI

    Cringe cringe, that guy saying he doesnt seen the movie, cringe cringe af CRINGE AF

  • 『J5 』
    『J5 』

    I mean I think the hair was fine because its after Return Of The Jedi

  • Gints Zariņš
    Gints Zariņš

    You must do Cruella, the dogs and the parachute scene.

  • Quirky Qwerty
    Quirky Qwerty

    Round 1 of recommending Wandering Earth, a Chinese apocalyptic sci-fi with some stellar effects.

  • Rafael Changsan
    Rafael Changsan

    The mockery is awesome 🤣

  • Viviana Cristerna
    Viviana Cristerna

    You should do the war of the worlds 1953 the effects where ahead of there time

  • The Genius Fool
    The Genius Fool


  • Kemp Dog
    Kemp Dog

    id love to see the full hedgehog movie

  • PSOHBMedia

    You guys kinda missed the fact that at 5:56, RDJ's hand appears for a moment on the other side of the dragon's head/neck, as if he has 6 foot long arms. Of course because he hasn't moved in the frame, and is just hidden behind the dragon cg.

  • Robert Sharp
    Robert Sharp

    Hey Wren, what about checking out some of the practical effects of the silent era of film. My favourite is from The General a Buster Keaton film, where he sits on the front of a moving steam train and throws a railway sleeper at another sleeper that would de rail the train. Blows my mind everytime

  • C.A. Hart
    C.A. Hart

    You guys should check out The Void, its a horror movie done with mostly practical effects and even the shots that aren't as technically proficient are just fun to watch for that old school practical geeking

  • Powell Loose
    Powell Loose

    The tin foil wound in the opening skit was an inspired and very funny choice

  • TristanDEntities:Random

    See you toxic Weebs. "Cartoon" is a general term. It doesn't just mean that "American Animation" . So stop arguing about Anime being a cartoon.

  • Michał Żyła
    Michał Żyła

    I've just watched Perfect Blue for the first time and IT BLOWED MY MIND, I'd love to see Your take on some of Satoshi Kon stuff